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We have been assembling, disassembling, relocating and transporting for 20 years.


BENZIG machine service is your competent partner for disassembly, assembly and transport with over 20 years experience.

On a customer enquiry we can provide a complete solution including disassembly, packaging, transport, dismantling, and assembly and commissioning. In cooperation with transport forwarding companies, we can offer regional, national and international solutions and thus controlling the process from a single source. The success of such tasks usually stands or falls on being within a few centimetres or kilograms. As we have many years of experience - we can do it cost effective and efficiently!

Our main services are:

Dismantling and assembling machine tools and industrial plant. This can also include a complete relocation of machines and plant including transport, transport organisation and logistics.

Furthermore, we have worked on the behalf of numerous machine manufacturers to unload their new machinery at their customers’ site, bring them to the installation location and assemble on site.

We also worked together with various industrial auction houses to dismantle the machines etc. Bought at auction by the buyers and bring them to the customer, also as a complete solution, up to the completed “broom-clean” handover of the building.

In addition, we have storage space incl. crane / forklift truck is available for the temporary storage of machinery, systems and accessories, etc.

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